Master Account


Modded accounts are pre-modded accounts that come with money, levels, and more based on which product you purchase. It’s essentially a brand new Epic Games account that has GTA 5 purchased and a recovery combined in one. You will automatically have a ban warranty included with your purchase if your order is more than €10.

Fast deliveries are crucial to us; therefore, we tend to deliver any modded account in under thirty minutes provided that we’re available.
You’ll be able to change all account info such as email, password, and username et cetera.

Bundle Info:
GTA V Account
3 Billion Dollars
Level 500
All LSC Upgrades Unlocked
All Hairstyles and Tattoos Unlocked
All Stats Maxed
All Bunker Researches
All Chrome Rims
Everything Unlocked


This product is currently out of stock, come back soon.