Hextic Mod Menu


Hextic is a veteran menu. The menu used to rule Playstation 3 and it’s finally compatible with PC. It’s packed with transcendent features that should delight all your modding needs.

Website: https://hextichacks.com/
Menu Usage: F8 or B for controllers.
Hextic Discord: https://discord.gg/pTQPnSym68

Elenium Mods is an official reseller of the mod menu mentioned above.
After your purchase, you will get your license key instantly in your email, and if you need help with anything, you can catch us in the live chat or discord server.

NOTE: This key works for a lifetime. Essentially, it stands for the product’s lifetime, and that is when the product desists.

We at Elenium Mods do not advise or condone – in any way, shape, or form – the usage of mod menus online as it is strictly forbidden as described in Rockstar’s Terms of Service.

There is 4 keys in stock as of right now.

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