Ozark is a new menu, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Ozark comes with amazing protections, incredible stability, and a very organized UI. Moreover, Ozark also boasts many features that were thought to be impossible. All of these amazing aspects are wrapped in a very affordable product. Ozark for GTA is a perfect choice for just about any modder.


Kitsune stands out from the crowd, whether by the unique and very easy-to-use UI, the incredible affordability, or the amazing features. Kitsune has an amazing amount of features to have fun with, from great self options, spectacular vehicular acrobatics, and exceptional protections to make sure you are never griefed. All of this is wrapped into a spectacular click UI. Kitsune is an amazing menu for anyone who wants everything to work with no issues at all.



Impulse is a very popular menu, and for a good reason. Impulse has just about every feature you could ever want or need in a menu. It has extensive self options, great trolling, and high-tier protections. It also boasts a 250000 loop option for anyone who needs an infusion of money into their account. Impulse is a great product for just about anyone.


Hextic is a bulwark in the modding community. It first became known for its amazing PlayStation 3 menu. The developers have now decided to take their expertise to PC. Hextic is packed with unique and amazing features to make sure you are always enjoying your experience using it.



In a very short amount of time, Raiden has grown to over 400 paid users, and the future for it is very bright. Raiden has the idiosyncratic ability to switch between NativeUI and IMGUI whilst you are in-game. On the whole, it’s a stable menu with loads of unique features. The developers are also very committed to improving the menu overall. Raiden is an amazing product at a very low price.



Delusion is designed for one purpose, giving their users the best experience possible. Delusion combines amazing protections and vast amounts of fun and unique options. Besides, Delusion also boasts amazing and unseen recovery options, and it’s a game-changing product for an incredible price.

Ilusion Engine

Despite it not being a bulwark of modding, Ilusion Engine stands as one of the most pre-eminent budget-friendly mod menus for anyone who demands a first-class experience when modding in GTA. With Ilusion, you get amazing and groundbreaking features wrapped up in a neatly organized and hassle-free list menu. To spell it all out, amongst the groundbreaking options, you buy into an amazing product that has amazing recoveries, extensive self options, high-tier self options, and incredulous stability.


X-Force defines German prowess in mod menus for GTA. With an extensive LUA engine, a simple UI, months of usage, and a large userbase, X-Force is a menu that has left its mark on the modding community. It’s an amazing option for just about any modder, from the beginner to the experienced collector. All of these amazing attributes are available for a very reasonable price.


Fragment is a premier menu dedicated to providing great money options, an amazing array of trolling options, and a high-tier set of protections. The developers are dedicated to consistently updating it and keeping it as incredible as they can make it. Fragment was created with a single purpose, creating the best experience for their customers. All of these amazing attributes are wrapped into a great list UI with impeccable organization.